Website Design: Top 5 Essentials for your Homepage Header

Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia photo by mark l chaves

This article covers what components must be in a home page header.

Home Page Header Must-Haves — An example of the header must-haves.

The Name of Your Site — Am I at the right place?

The Headline — What is that you do again?

The Hero Image — The wow factor.

Dont’ be Afraid of the Space — Use loads of white space.

A Little More Action Please (A Little Less Conversation ~Elvis Presley).

Diagram of home page header must-haves.

More Real-life Home Page Header Examples

Accent colour and simple geometry instead of a hero image.
Illustration instead of a hero image. And, notice there is no navigation. I don’t think navigation is critical for a home page header. That’s why navigation isn’t on my must-haves list.
Interesting abstract yet bold image. This image is animated on the live site.
Multiple hero images as a slideshow (a.k.a. slider).
The latest trend in 2018 and for 2019. No single hero or illustration. Instead, multiple smaller collage style images.

What is a home page header anyway?

What’s missing? What about social media or a menu?

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