Thanks for the article, Conor. Since moving to Bali four years ago, I have grown to appreciate lists like yours. Slightly related: I miss going to see at least one indie film once a week when I lived in the US. I can’t do that here in Indonesia.

I’ve only seen two films from your list. The Look of Silence and Spy. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum yet solid movies in their own right. After watching the Look of Silence, I find myself asking, ‘I wonder what he or she did during 65’, when I see someone in their 60s/70s. Kudos to Oppenheimer. Spy was brilliantly lol funny.

I am very stoked to know about Macbeth! This is great news. Okay, so this means I need to get busy tracking down the other titles that you mention. :-)

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I slung code for Fortune 500 companies in a previous life. Now, I write and make some photographs. I’ve moved on to Portfolio on

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